For you want to build your own website but it isn’t easy but in the market, there are so many Best Free Website Builders.

These Free Web Builder help you to create your dream website in just few click right?

So I’ll share with you in-depth information about the Top 10 Website builder that is FREE.

Are you want to know what these are? Well, you the whole article. Before moving to the main topic lets know the basic info first.

What Is A Website?

Basically, the website is a bundle of multiple web pages which is located under a single domain name e.g

When you search on the Internet let’s suppose you search on Google about Best Shared Web Hosting Providers.

The results show on Google so that comes from the website even Google itself is website.

There are different types of a website such as:

  • Brochure
  • eCommerce
  • Portal
  • Wiki
  • Social media

What is a Website Builder?

As you can understand by its name a builder which is used to create a website that is called “Website Builder”

You can use any of them to make your dream site. If you want to create a website or blog such as

You might be thinking that ho! creating a website I need so many programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java, etc. but you’re wrong.

If you don’t know any of them you could able to make a site. Using website builder you can make your site very easily.

By creating a site through the website builder is very easy you just need to drag and drop technique then you can create your own site.

There are many free website builders available in the market. You can use them below I’ve discussed best among them.

Advantages of using free Website Builders

It isn’t necessary that every people have the programming skill. In the word, there are so many people who don’t have a background other than technology.

Learn every single language like HTML and Java right? It takes times and experience to learn and make a website.

So it doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own website you might be haven’t programmed skill but wait. Every problem you just have to find them.

If you want to create own site for business purpose or want to make just a personal blog you can do it. Also, in a market, there are so many professional ready to do it for you.

You can hire one of the professionals who have enough knowledge to make a website for you. They will make a beautiful website for you as per your requirements.

But if you hire any professional people then they charge very high. If you have enough money to invest than no problem. You can hire a professional.

If you want to create your own website by yourself then you can do it! by website builder that worth free.

You just need to choose layout and some basic stuff then you site is read to go!

Best Free Website Builders

As I told you earlier that you create your professional website without having programming knowledge. Using them you can dream website.

I have chosen and elaborated Best 10 Free Website Builders working currently. If you want to know of them then you should read this comprehensive article.

Those 10 Website Builders Are:

  7. Sitey
  8. Webnode
  10. Yola

Before reading an article you should see the complete info which is website builder offering what? You can see below table.

#01Site123.com5/4.11 GBYesNO 5/4.3N/A YesYES 5/4 1 GBYesYES
#04SiteBuilder.com5/3.95 GBYESYES
#05Wix.com5/4.6500 MBYESYES
#06Squarespace.com5/31 GBYESNO
#07Sitey5/3 N/ANO NO
#09Website.com5/41 GBN/AYES
#10Yola 5/42 GB YES YES

Below I’ve discussed all the necessary point of Best Free Website Builders. Which is important to build your website

#01 Site123

Site123 Website Builder

If you’re searching for the best and free website builder so that is one of the most most popular among all.

It provide you all advance option which is an important to create your site. This is one of the easiest website creators.

You just have to choose the template according to you then create your own site.


Site123 is one of the most advanced and easy to use website builder which is currently available in the market.

It will automatically manage each an everything from your website structures to design. So you just only have to focus on your content.

Site123 website editor is more effective and easy to use editor available in the globe market. It free and with the help of it’s CMS(Content Management System).

You can easily create an amazing website and establish your business and blog online.

The Important features of are:

  • Website editor – No coding required for making a website
  • A mobile-friendly website with a fully responsive UI
  • Free and Secure web hosting
  • Get premium SEO tools
  • Add a custom domain to your site
  • Create an online store and sell all over the world. also provide 24/7 customer support. So that if you have any problem during creating a website you can contact SITE123’s live chat support.

Then your problem will fix and you to build a successful website.



WordPress doesn’t require any introduction because it is a leader of CMS in the market. It also provides Best Free Website Builders.

It has large collection of free templates which you can use for creating your online business and website.

It can help you to customize your newly built website. It also provides free analytics and SEO tools which help you to create your website.

WordPress can help you to track your website to manage your site performance. 1 is made using WordPress among 5 websites on the internet.

That is very very popular with this free website builder. It made the process to make a website it is an advanced website builder among the all website builder. features are:

  • It is the perfect platform for blogging
  • Gives you excellent tools for website
  • You can use free plan available with
  • Very easy to use as compared to

Selecting the right Website builder is impotent you because if you choose the worst website builder which isn’t able to make your website, so that isn’t useful.

#03 Weebly


Weebly is one of the most famous and easy to use website builder available in the market. You can build a professional website with Weebly.

It allows building your dream website for free! yes, Weebly is free.

Also, Weebly has millions of customizable web page designs and hundreds of useful tools which help you to grow your website. 

As we know Weebly is now a part of the Square product suite. If you want to start your own e-Commerce website then you can

Square takes care of all the payments on behalf of you. you don’t need to worry about. Weebly makes your website easy to manage.

Weebly offers four G technique that is Get Going, Get Online, Get Selling, Get Growing. 

1. Get Going: Easily you can make a website with Free Website Builders.

2. Get Online: Very easy to set up and manage your website.

3. Get Selling: You will get premium eCommerce tools to simplify your order management, product shipping, payments, etc.

4. Get Growing: It helps to find new customers with the help of integrated marketing tools, also from Facebook ads and from automated email campaigns.

You can also consider this website builder to create your website.


SiteBuilder as by its name you got the idea it is made for a website builder. It gives you all the important tools you need to build your website.

It just required drag and drop to fulfill your website requirements to make a site.

To create your dream website you just follow given steps.

Choose a Template: Select any template that fulfills your requirement form hundreds of available design. You can easily to customize.

Choose a Domain: It is well to choose a custom domain for your website as it is going to be your brand name in the future.

Publish Your Website: That’s how you can create your website, after doing the above two steps you’re ready to go to publish your new site. Just publish it and focus to make your brand famous.

What You Will Get:

  • Custom Domain Name
  • Customizable Templates
  • Professional Email Address
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Free Hosting
  • Customer Support


  • You will get a professional domain with an annual plan.
  • You can select from thousands of beautiful templates to create your website.
  • Easy to create your custom email address that reflects your brand name. For e.g. It looks professional and it helps you to increase your brand value.
  • Using Analytics to track your audience. It will help you to grow traffic and increase user engagement on your site.
  • If you are thinking to make an e-commerce website, that’s is possible here. Just add a store to your blog or website and start selling your product. You will get an amazing result.
  • Also, add a blog to your website to attract your visitors. So that they will be updated.

If you’re searching for Best Website Builders then you should look at it.


Wix Website Builder

It is also one of the most famous Website Builder among all I think you had show ads of on YouTube.

Anything you create on your website if you choose the right website builder. allows you to create a professional website with the help of some amazing tools.

On you can use two Website Builder first is Wix’s artificial intelligence to create your website or you can use Wix’s free website builders tools.

If your website is growing so you can Wix Code to add advanced functionality on your website, you can also do this.

Features of Wix Editor

At, you can choose over 500 pre-included templates. It is the most flexible way to your fantastic website by just doing drag and drop.

Stunning Templates: You can choose over 500 amazing templates for every type of website.

Total Design Freedom: You can use the drag and drop technique to make your site.

Industry-Leading SEO: By using pre-included premium SEO tools you can rank higher on google.

Mobile Optimized:  You can make your website mobile friendly

App Market: Manage your business with powerful apps given by

Advanced Design Features: including animations, images, backgrounds, and videos to your site to make it more attractive.

Amazing Fonts: There are more than 100 fonts available to use for your website.

These are main highlights of If it can make your dream website by using you can choose it.


In the market, there are so many Website Builders available but ever Website Builder doesn’t suitable for you.

You’ve to choose which can fulfill your requirement I had cover Top 5 Best Free Website Builders and try to give you best info about them.

Now after choosing you can create your dream website. For any website, hosting is too important if you’re beginner or newbie.

Then you should use shared hosting I had also covered Best Shared Web Hosting Providers.

After setup your website you should submit Sitemap if you’re using WordPress then you can read How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress (XML and HTML).


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