Are you writing articles without having a sitemap? well if you’re doing this so you need to stop. You’re creating more content on your WordPress website

But your content is only valuable when humans and search engines are actually able to find it. Right?

So how you can create a sitemap for your site, well we’re here to help you for creating sitemap both XML and HTML for your website.

A sitemap is too important for your WP Website. Sitemaps help you achieve that by basically giving people and web search tools a “map” of all the substance on your “site”.

That makes them a significant apparatus for both XML and HTML sitemaps in WordPress.

If you create a new WordPress website or you’ve already sitemap is helping you to rank high in search results.

Submitting the sitemap is very must for your website, it help you to do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before know the complete information, let’s know what you’ll get in this article

I’ll talking about What is a Sitemap, Why Sitemap is necessary, How to generate a sitemap and How to submit it to search console.

I’ll also share which is the Best Free Sitemap Generators Of Website 2019.

What is a Sitemap?

Basically, Sitemap is two types that are XML and HTML format it contains every data of your site like data of blog post or page. The sitemap also contains info about your post metadata and when it was last updated.

What is a Sitemap

In other words, Sitemaps gives you the total structure of your site in an XML or Html format. Sitemaps are created for every single post, pages, labels, and categories of your site.

A sitemap causes web search tools to slither your website routinely. It is constantly prescribed to produce and present a sitemap of your site. It causes web indexes to rank your post.

Why Sitemaps Are Important?

Submitting a sitemap to any web index is the most significant piece of SEO. The XML sitemaps help the web crawlers to slither your webpage. So it can list every single page of your site.

It causes your post to show up in the query item. So perusers can discover your post on the internet searcher.

As like XML Sitemaps HTML Sitemaps are additionally significant. It enables your guests to discover what they are looking for on your site.

Types Of Sitemaps

There are 3 Types of Sitemaps-Visual Sitemaps, XML sitemaps, and HTML sitemaps. Every one of them has various functions and advantages.

In spite of the fact that all three sitemaps are unique in relation to one another, the best outcome comes when they utilized together. On the off chance that you utilize all the 3 Types of sitemaps, it gives extraordinary notoriety of your site.

It guarantees that your site contains all the essential data required alongside the required substance. It additionally gives an incredible client experience.

There are many Free And Best Sitemap Generators accessible in the market. You can utilize any of them for your site.

What is a WordPress XML Sitemap?

The main purpose of XML Sitemaps is to advise the web crawlers about the post and pages contained in a site. It is the auxiliary portrayal of your site. It likewise enlightens the web index regarding your latest update.

The primary intention behind making XML Sitemaps is to give the web crawlers complete information on each individual URL of your site. It is extremely useful if your site contains enormous quantities of URLs.

XML Sitemap is the most prevalent and generally utilized among all site proprietor. Over 80% of the site utilizes XML Sitemaps for creeping reason.

An XML Sitemap gives every single information of a URL to the web crawlers with the goal that it very well may be listed effectively. It generally enables your post to rank high on a query item.

There are many Free XML Sitemap Generators accessible to produce sitemaps for your site. You can utilize One Of Them.

Advantages of an XML Sitemap

A XML sitemap is useful for your site’s SEO.

Create XML Sitemap WordPress

At an essential dimension, it gives you a chance to enlighten Google and other web search tools regarding all the substance on your webpage.

While an XML sitemap won’t power Google to incorporate the majority of your substance in the query items, it ensures that Google is in any event mindful of all your substance, which improves the opportunity of Google ordering your substance.

Past that, a XML sitemap is likewise useful in light of the fact that it gives you a chance to convey extra data to Google like:

XML sitemaps can likewise enable you to convey data about sight and sound substance. For instance, a video sitemap gives you a chance to give Google data about every video including its:

  • Running time
  • Category
  • Age appropriateness
  • Category

What is a WordPress HTML Sitemaps?

Create HTML Sitemap WordPress

There are many Free Sitemap Generators to produce your HTML Sitemap. You can use one of them.

A HTML sitemap enables your webpage guests to explore appropriately on your site. It is structured so that the client can discover content on your site effectively.

A HTML Sitemap doesn’t contain each and every page of your site. It causes the web crawler to discover content on your website. Additionally, it encourages your guests to discover what they need.

This kind of Sitemaps is made for improving the client experience. It might go about as a piece of CMS.

Advantages of a HTML Sitemap

For people, the huge advantage of a HTML sitemap is that it makes it simpler for them to explore your site.

Be that as it may, there are likewise some SEO advantages of a HTML sitemap. Essentially, in light of the fact that a HTML sitemap is only a lot of inward connections, it encourages you:

Spread connection value around your site

Give Google’s crawlers another approach to discover the majority of your substance

To this last point, Google suggests that you make an HTML sitemap in its Webmaster Guidelines. In particular, they guide you to “furnish a page with a comprehensible rundown of connections to [your] pages”.

HTML Sitemap doesn’t support By Google’s Webmaster Tools.

HTML Sitemap vs XML Sitemap in WordPress?

So with regards to an HTML sitemap versus an XML sitemap, which one would it be advisable for you to use?

You don’t have to pick only one.

Rather, a best practice is to use both an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap. As you learned over, every ha a marginally extraordinary use.

Google really suggests that you offer both an HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap in its Webmaster Guidelines.

How To Create a Sitemap in WordPress

Now you’ve complete information about sitemap I covered all necessary info of sitemap above I hope you understood, Let’s know how to create a sitemap in the real word.

I main on your website and make sure search engines can access it. I’ll cover both XML and HTML sitemaps.

Create XML Sitemap in WordPress

Here is the best part that is you don’t need to create XML sitemap manually, So many WordPress SEO plugins include XML sitemap functionality by default, Yahoo!

For e.g, all of the following SEO plugins include built-in XML sitemap functionality:

If you don’t want to use one of these plugins, so you can also find other plugin that will help to create WordPress sitemap.

Create HTML Sitemap in WordPress

Creating an HTML sitemap is Depending on the size of your WordPress site, you can create it manually or with a plugin.

If your WordPress website is small so you can create it manually by create a regular page and manually add links to all your content.

However, your site might be growing, it might no longer be feasible to manually manage your HTML sitemap.

In this scenario, you should install the plugin you can use with free or paid, Here is the e.g of a free plugin.

We take a example of Simple Sitemap that is free, Here’s an example of which type of sitemap that this tool will create:

WordPress create html sitemap

Once you install and activate the plugin, create a new WordPress page and add them[simple-sitemap] shortcode where you want your HTML sitemap to appear:

WordPress create html sitemap

By default, the shortcode will display to all of your pages (not your blog posts). However, you can modify its functionality using the following parameters:

  • types – the post types which you want to include in the sitemap. For example, “post”, “page”, or any custom post types that you’re using.
  • show_label – where or not to show the heading label.
  • links – show the sitemap as links or like a simple text.
  • page_depth – the hierarchy of child pages.
  • order and orderby – what to order pages by.
  • exclude – exclude specific content (by post ID).

For example, you can create separate sitemaps for your posts and pages, you could use two separate shortcodes like below:

  • [simple-sitemap types="page"]– list for all your WordPress pages
  • [simple-sitemap types="post"]– list for all your WordPress blog posts

How to Submit a Sitemap

Now I hope you created a sitemap for your website now if you don’t submit your sitemap to Google and Bing webmaster tools so it won’t work right?

Submit sitemap in Google and Bing is so easy. you can submit it by yourself by just following these steps.

In Google Webmaster Tool:

  1. First, open your Google Webmaster Tools home page, select your site.
  2. In the left sidebar, click on Site configuration and then click on Sitemaps.
  3. Click on the Add/Test Sitemap button in the top right of the page
  4. Enter sitemap into the text box that appears on the page
  5. Click Submit Sitemap button

Your sitemap will be submitted to Google Webmasters Tools within a few hours.

In the Bing Webmaster Tool:

Open Bing Webmaster Tools. Log in to your account.

  1. Go to the dashboard of your website
  2. Click “sitemaps” in the configure my sitemap” dropdown on the left.

Your sitemap will be submitted to Bing webmaster tools.

After submitted sitemap of your WordPress website, you should list your sitemap in your robots.txt file. It will ensure that it’s found by all search engines other than Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Always check your website’s sitemap for any error. That will help you to rank your site faster.


Sitemap play very impotent role in SEO, No mater what is you site niche sitemap is impotent for every websites.

If your WordPress website hasn’t sitemap so you should create it that way any human and search engines find your content.

At an absolute minimum, make an XML sitemap with a module like Yoast SEO and submit it to web search tools. It can just profit you, and it will never hurt you.

Again, here’s the content straight from Google – “by and large, your site will profit by having a sitemap, and you’ll never be punished for having one.”

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